Twitter Chat

For this chat I followed along with the iPads in Education chat under the hashtag #ipadchat. The chat was held on Wednesday at 1pm. I think due to the time of the chat, there were not as many people participating compared to what I have seen in the past. This chat was also different because unlike the other chats I have observed, this one was less about people actually discussing and interacting, and more about people sharing different links about using iPads in the classroom. Although this was different I enjoyed it because there were a number of helpful links shared. This article contained a number of different apps that really help students learn. The majority of them were meant for young children, and were generally well-liked by both parents and teachers. I thought this was good because with so many kids using the iPads earlier and earlier it’s nice to have a few educational games for them to play. This article was interesting because it took a school that is already well known for it’s educational success and status, and revamped it with a 21st learning style. I liked how they adjusted the actual setup of the classroom and the placements of tables and desks so that students feel more open and can still see all over the classroom. Teachers also noted with the new setup, students were more engaged in the lessons than before. This article discussed a teacher using Digital Storytelling Apps. Digital storytelling is an excellent way to foster student creativity and give them authentic experiences with reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This article listed a number of apps that all teachers should have and use. These apps ranged from one that allowed students to access videos and podcasts, to an interactive history app, to one that allowed students to learn about DNA and make their own mutations. This article contained a periodic table of apps that are good for teachers to have. I particularly liked this article because it broke the apps down into different categories such as teaching, creativity, demonstrating, collaborating, etc. This is helpful because it allows teachers to map their activities to the apps they can use.


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