Smartboard Experience

For my first smartboard experience, I think I did relatively well. I thought the smartboard software was relatively easy to use, I did find myself forgetting certain aspects of it though as I went along. When we were going through the different aspects of the software during class I found it was easy to use, but I did end up forgetting how to use it at point when I was on my own.

I think using the smartboard can enhance the learning experience, especially for elementary level students. I think it is a great way to change up teaching your students a lesson and really keep them interested and interactive. I know that if I had the opportunity to use a smartboard in the classroom, I would have been very exciting about a lesson. I think as long as a teacher makes it easy to use and interactive while still being educational and informative it is a great resource. I do think it would be a bit harder to utilize it in a secondary classroom, but I definitely think it is still a better educational tool for the classroom compared to a simple powerpoint or just lecture. I think it allows students who may all have different learning styles, still work together and be interested.

If I had to redesign my smartboard lesson, I probably would have made it even a little more advanced and interactive. The way I used the smartboard was pretty basic, so I think I would have put more into it such as videos, other animation, etc. I also think I may have taken a bit more time to let myself get comfortable physically using the smartboard, such as the touch, pen, etc. Some of the things that I saw that I would have like to use were videos, inserting structured exercises and lessons, sounds, and using the highlighter tool. I think the parts of the smartboard that I used worked for my target classroom, elementary, but I would have definitely used some of the other things I saw in the other presentations, if I was giving a secondary lesson.

Overall I think the smartboard is a really cool and exciting thing to have in the classroom and a great way to get students excited to be interactive and involved in the lessons you are teaching them.


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